Help - self esteem

Low Self-esteem

You are successful, have a great job, a lovely family, plenty of friends, but deep down inside you feel a lack of confidence and self-esteem. In your eyes, other people always seem more attractive, funnier and more intelligent, whilst you feel like an imposter. Not really belonging, not quite fitting in. Sounds familiar?

These are the classic symptoms of poor self-esteem, and it is often the most capable people suffering the most.
Today’s world is a demanding and unforgiving place where people are constantly trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations raised by the questionable information and filtered images of relentlessly intruding media channels. This affects both adults and children alike.

A lack of self-esteem can show itself in an impressive array of secondary symptoms, such as different forms of anxiety, increased levels of perceived stress and apparent coping mechanisms turning into unwanted, often unhealthy, habits or behaviours.

With hypnosis we will look for the source of the little voice in your head that constantly tells you that you are ‘not worthy’ or ‘not quite good enough’. This will give you the chance to bring help directly to the part of your emotional mind that is currently only offering up persistent criticism instead of being the balanced and supportive inner guide it should be.

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