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Weight Management

Successful weight management is not about diets or about building your willpower so that you can deny yourself the things you want, nor is it about waving a magic wand to suggest the pounds away.

Really successful weight management will enable you to genuinely solve the problems that drive your compulsion to overeat so that you can avoid the diet rollercoaster and keep your weight permanently under control.

Rather than just focusing on the type and amount of food and drink you take in, we will be looking at the underlying emotional issues that drive the cravings and the feelings of empty. We will be using hypnosis to get to the root of these feelings, address the drivers and end the ‘hunger’.

Once your ’emotional hunger’ has been dealt with, you will most likely find that you are no longer compelled to overeat. The constant battle within yourself will come to an end, leaving you free to easily choose healthier options and quantities.
Any remaining unwanted habits related to your eating or drinking will be addressed directly.

Whilst hypnosis will play a key role in addressing weight issues, most clients benefit from a combination of different approaches when tackling the pounds. Based on your individual situation, you will be given all the tools you need to set you up for success.

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